Editorial: Get out and Relay

February 14, 2014 

If it seems early in the year to be talking about Relay For Life, well, ... it’s not.

Leaders of the East Wake Relay For Life have been working almost since the tents came down from last year’s event, to be ready for the 2014 Relay experience.

Now we are more than eight months removed from the close of last year’s Relay, which means we are less than four months from this year’s event.

And, to be honest, teams and volunteers haven’t jumped into the fray so far this year like they have in the past. We are hopeful that the shortage of teams and volunteers is nothing more than some unfortunate procrastination.

We hope those teams will rejoin the battle this year. And we hope new teams will take on the challenge of raising money to help fund cancer research and provide support for cancer patients and their families.

The East Wake Relay For Life has established itself over the years as a fun way to raise money, spend time with like-minded friends and celebrate the successes that exist because of previous Relay efforts.

The team concept of the Relay ensures that no one person is asked to do too much or carry too much responsibility. That means for those who aren’t excited about taking on too much additional responsibility, there’s still a way to be part of an important effort without being the one person upon whom success is dependent. The team concept also lets participants spend time with friends and family throughout the year, tightening the bonds of friendship.

The culmination of a year’s worth of work on the part of committee members comes during a weekend in May. But the heavy lifting is taking place now. Won’t you find a way to be part of the fun?

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