Letter: There are still angels among us

January 31, 2014 

I was one of those people who waited until Christmas Eve to go grocery shopping for my last-minute items. With the cart filled to capacity I started through the checkout. With all totaled, I gave the clerk my check. It came back “check denied,” so she ran it through again and it was denied again.

The clerk called for help from the office and this clerk moved all the groceries to another register and guess what? It was denied again. This was embarrassing to say the least.

I have shopped at this Food Lion since its existence and have always used my bank check for payment without any problem and I know there was nothing wrong with my bank account. I was beginning to panic and wonder what I was going to do since I had no cash with me.

Fortunately, a gentleman came to my rescue and told the clerk he would pay my bill. I had never seen the gentleman before and I refused his offer. He would not tell me his name so I could reimburse him later, but he still insisted, gave me a hug and wished me a merry Christmas. He then insisted on pushing the cart to my car and unloading the groceries.

He told me to call him Mike and wished me a merry Christmas again with another hug. I told him he had proved there were still angels among us. How can you say thank you enough? I only hope this angel reads this and knows that what he did for this lady in distress will never be forgotten.

Rebecca Earp Wendell

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