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Column: A beautiful, but eerie, snowfall

Raleigh News & ObserverJanuary 24, 2014 


Johnny Whitfield, columnist The Eastern Wake News and The Clayton News Star.

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My wife and I ate with some friends Tuesday night at Bojangles and while we talked, we peered out the window as the snow started falling. At first, it looked a lot like fat rain drops, but soon those raindrops clearly had become snowflakes. The bright lights of the restaurant illuminated the snow beautifully and as we talked with Kim Ammons and Patty Dutcher, we noticed the wind pick up and start driving the snowflakes almost sideways.

About that time, we decided our visit was over and my wife and I figured it was best to hightail it back to the comfort of our own home in Wendell, some four miles distant.

The ride was fairly uneventful, except for watching the snowflakes fall. The forward motion of our car made the flakes appear to be flying at us even more violently. It was quite pretty actually. Becky called it “other-wordly,” which I thought was an appropriate description.

When we arrived home, the snow was still falling and we hustled inside. About two hours later, I peeked outside and the snow had stopped falling. Our paved driveway and the street in front of our house were still clear of snow. But our yard, and the churchyard across the street were covered in a nice, fluffy layer of white.

Hoping the rain and snow would hold off long enough, I collared up the dog and we went out for our nightly walk. Riley didn’t seem terribly impressed in the snow. He preferred walking in the street, which isn’t his normal routine. He stopped from time to give an extra sniff to piles of limbs covered in a beautiful white coat. Otherwise, he acted like any other child, seeking out every puddle of water he could find and making sure all four paws were squarely planted in the water.

In the meantime, I jumped over every puddle I could find, hoping to keep my shoes and feet somewhat dry.

I bundled up in my coat, zipped up all the way to my chin and I borrowed one of the children’s toboggans (That word is pronounced “toe-boggin’” for those of you who don’t yet speak proper Southern English.) The toboggan looked silly, with ear flaps and long strings down either side to tie the hat off under my chin. My oldest child delighted in getting me dressed, laughing at me as I put my hat on over the toboggan.

I didn’t have to step too far out the front door to realize it was really colder than I wanted it to be. But by that time, Riley knew he was about get a walk and I don’t think Hercules himself could have the kept the dog from making his appointed nighttime rounds.

We managed to get the walk in uneventfully, but I was surprised at just how much ice had already accumulated in the street. Knowing it wasn’t going to get any warmer overnight, I figured school folks had made the right decision to delay school opening on Wednesday morning.

But as I passed yard after yard in my neighborhood, I was struck by the beauty of God’s creation.

For all that makes North Carolina a great place to live, it just simply doesn’t have enough snow for my taste.


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