Knightdale Police add lieutenant rank

mhankerson@newsobserver.comJanuary 22, 2014 

  • The ranks

    Here’s a breakdown of Knightdale’s police department’s sworn employees as reported at the beginning of 2014:

    14 officers

    4 corporals (will become sergeants)

    4 sergeants (will become lieutenants)

    2 captains

    2 detectives

    1 police chief

— In an attempt to get more employees better training opportunities, Knightdale police will be shifting their ranks to be more in line with other law enforcement bodies.

The move, which will have no financial impact, will get rid of the title of corporal. Current corporals will become sergeants and sergeants will become lietenants, a previously unused rank in Knightdale.

“Sergeant is the first level of supervision and so it really didn’t reflect the level of responsibility that our guys have,” police Chief Jason Godwin said.

Godwin said there have been a few notable training programs mid-level police employees haven’t had the opportunity to participate in because of their title.

The FBI’s National Academy is a training course that helps law enforcement agents prepare for administrative roles. It offers participants college or graduate level classes in law, behavioral and forensic science, leadership development, communication and health and fitness.

Only lieutenants are eligible to apply, though.

The North Carolina Justice Management Development Program trains participants for one week every month over 10 months. The training is meant to prepare trainees to move into administrative roles.

Godwin said Knightdale has had three sergeants apply and get to the end of the competitive application process, but they were ultimately denied.

Although there is not a rank requirement, Godwin said he observed higher-level employees were earning spots in that program.

“I’m trying to get these men and women in a situation of being competitive with their counterparts across the state,” he said.

The change will affect a total of eight employees: four corporals will become sergeants and four sergeants will become lieutenants.

Corporals Charles Capps, Steven Bailey, Matthew Kempinski and Joseph Whitley will become sergeants.

Sergeants Tracy Solomon, Joseph Phillips, Justin Guthrie and Richard Haynes will be Knightdale’s first group of lieutenants.

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