Editorial: Since you asked, here’s an idea

January 17, 2014 

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is trying to put some priorities together. They’ve asked for public input. So, in the spirit of community-mindedness and helping the other fella out, we have this suggestion:

Rebuild the bridge over Old Battle Bridge Road near Wendell and reopen that road.

Yeah, yeah, we know. Formular guide which projects are funded and which are not. There’s just not enough traffic across that bridge to justify rebuilding it. Formulas, schmormulas.

Here’s what we know. Town government and residents alike, despise the idea of closing that bridge forever and cutting that road into two disparate sections. The lingering effects of the recession are constantly receding. Builders and developers are coming out of their caves and starting to work again. There is an approved subdivision plan for property just beyond that bridge that could be restarted if the future residents had a reasonable way to get into Wendell, where they would likely do their grocery shopping, eat at restaurants and go to church or school. And here’s another thing we know. Wendell Falls, an even larger development has come back to life and in the not-too-distant future, people will find it desirable to access that area by driving down Old Battle Bridge Road. Except they won’t be able to.

Unless DOT takes our suggestion and makes it work. Time will tell if anyone is listening.

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