Editorial: Curing Knightdale’s school ills

January 3, 2014 

A panel of educators, parents and community leaders have been trying to formulate recommendations for improving student performance at Knightdale area schools. That group is expected to present its recommendations to the Wake County Board of Education as early as this month. It will be a real test of the school system’s commitment to addressing the barriers facing students in eastern Wake County.

Chances are the recommendations will be wide and far-reaching. Chances are implementing each and every recommendation could very well be cost prohibitive. But school system leaders can make a long-term commitment to the Knightdale schools and in that way can implement the best of the committee’s suggestionss right away and follow through in the next few years to continue addressing the ideas proposed by the panel.

What they absolutely must not do, is accept the panel’s report and file it away on a shelf somewhere. Nor should the school system throw Knightdale a bone by implementing one or two low-impact, low-cost recommendations, then ignoring the remaining ideas.

Public education is a never-ending vortex of change and these days are not any different as factions debate the value of things like the Common Core curriculum and the responsibility for school construction. Educators and administrators are generally averse to major shifts in focus. The idea of putting additional resources into one part of the county school system may seem anathema to school leaders committed to an even distribution of resources.

But, as school board member Tom Benton has pointed out, the biggest issue here is not the equal distribution of resources, but the equitable distribution of resources.

We certainly look forward to a robust response by the school board.

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