Editorial: Representing Wendell well

December 26, 2013 

We’ll be honest here. Wendell Middle School athletics director Kristin Hasbrouck and East Wake High School softball coach Melissa Bell don’t have two of the most high-profile jobs in the world. They aren’t paid six and seven figure salaries like their counterparts at the collegiate level.

But make no mistake, the work they do is critically important and they do it well. That much we learned when it was revealed their the two women were recognized by the North Carolina Association for Athletics Educators.

In a world where the term student-athlete still means what it says, Hasbrouck and Bell must do more than make schedules, arrange transportation and teach skills like hitting and fielding. At the high school and middle school level it’s important that the academic side of the equation be considered by the young people with visions of greater glory.

Hasbrouck and Bell are in a position to realize that, for some students, athletics is a means to keep a student in school, even if their playing days don’t extend past their senior year in high school. Their peers have realized they Hasbrouck and Bell – both teachers at Wendell Middle School – have taken all those duties to heart.

And Hasbrouck and Bell, through the excellence of their work, shine a bright light on part of what is good about the schools in eastern Wake County. And we all benefit from that kind of exposure.

We’re proud that two honorees would come from eastern Wake County in the same year. We’re even more excited for the young people whose lives are impacted by the great work they do.

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