Editorial: Explanations would be welcome

December 22, 2013 

No one argues with the Wake County Board of Education’s right to change its leadership. But as public servants, it would be nice if they would explain themselves to the public they serve.

The Board of Education’s understood agreement has long been that school board chairs serve two one-year terms. In other words, they are elected to the post twice in a row by their fellow school board members.

But the board broke from that gentleman’s agreement this year, when they cast out Keith Sutton and replaced him with Christine Kushner.

Race activists are charging that the move was racially motivated. Sutton is black, Kushner is white. All seven white school board members voted for Kushner, while both black board members, Sutton and Garner-area representative Monica Hostler-Johnson, voted to keep Sutton.

That race was the motivating factor seems unlikely to us, but it’s hard to understand why the school board would change directions. It’s not as if a Republican majority ushered out a Democratic chair to replace him with a fellow GOPer. In this case, Democrats held sway before and after the election and they replaced one Democrat (Sutton) with another (Kushner).

It’s apparently too easy for elected officials to believe they can do as they see fit without answering to anyone.

There may have been valid reasons for wanting Sutton out. But the general public doesn’t know that. And it only serves to make the school board look, once again, like a political body rather than one focused on the important issues of the day.

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