Editorial: A humble man worthy of praise

November 21, 2013 

Herb Ramsey was not present at Monday night’s presentation of the 2013 Wendell Mayor’s Award, which he won. He was busy doing the kinds of things that won him the award in the first place.

Ramsey is a long-time veteran of the Wendell Fire Department, rising up through the ranks to become chief for a time before settling into the more humble role of assistant chief.

Ramsey wasn’t at Monday’s presentation because he was caring for an ailing granddaughter who is undergoing cancer treatment.

During the presentation, Mayor Tim Hinnant recounted the story of Ramsey visiting him in the hospital after Hinnant’s children were in a car wreck.

The fact that Ramsey took the time to go to the hospital and visit speaks volumes about his character, considering his duty technically ended when he completed the fire call.

Ramsey never served for the purpose of recognition. In fact, Ramsey gave up the chief’s job in exchange for a position more out of the limelight. Like most people who give of their time, Ramsey offered his service out of a personal set of morals that required him to give to his community in some way.

As you look through a list of previous winners of this award, the list looks like a who’s who of Wendell leadership. Recent honorees have been tireless volunteers. Mayors Award winners from many years ago were aggressive boosters of the town and went on to build sterling reputations in the town’s business and civic communities. Each of them – Ramsey included – have sacrificed in some way to contribute to a town that has been the stage for their own personal successes. They’ve not all been born here, but they’ve grown to the point where they all consider Wendell home

Ramsey’s public service has made Wendell a better place to live. And it made him a fitting choice to receive the 2013 Mayor’s Award.

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