Editorial: Losing a good public servant

November 18, 2013 

The recent elections spelled the beginning of the end of Knightdale councilman Jeff Eddins tenure as a member of that body.

Next month’s meeting will be his final opporunity to weigh in on town government issues as a member of that governing body.

His departure, after choosing not to run for re-election, is a loss for the town. Eddins has served 14 years, winning one two-year term and three more four-year terms.

During that time, he has shown a willingness to buck the majority when his convictions were strong. He was a voice against the location of a Super Wal-mart when most council members wanted to see it happen. Taking a stand like that may not have won him friends among his colleagues, but he earned the respect of the residents he served.

hen town staff opted to enforce a rule banning family members from working with each other, Eddins was taken aback by the foolishness of the rule and brokered asolution.

And, Eddins is young, too. At 41, Eddins has a lot of active, energetic years ahead of him. And while we wouldn’t discount the wisdom that comes with age, we also know the work of a council member is demanding, time-consuming and, well, stressful at times. Eddins vigor has made the town council stronger and he has worked hard to make the decisions he thought were best, no matter who he aggravated in the process.

That attitude is refreshing. It will be missed.

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