This Week in History

November 11, 2013 

Many things change, but some stay the same. Get some historical perspective with “This Week in History,” where we take a look back 10, 25 and 50 years to see what was going on then in eastern Wake County. See how far we’ve come, and observe which patterns we still follow.

This week in history was a week for annexations in eastern Wake. In 2003, the Town of Wendell began rapid annexation of land along U.S. 64 in preparation for development along the major highway, and in 1988, the Town of Knightdale began plans for a similar annexation along U.S. 64. In 1963, someone to do some “annexing” of his own from a Zebulon auto dealer.

2003 in Wendell

The Town Board on Monday night started the race to annex land west of town along U.S. 64, receiving a feasibility report on the plan.

“One of the most important things is the timetable,” Planning Director Teresa Piner said of the study. “We think it’s rather aggressive.”

If all goes as planned, the town may annex the property in January 2004, after notifying affected property owners and holding two required public hearings. The annexation would be effective in January 2005 if approved by the Town Board. About a dozen residents attended, including commissioners-elect Carol Hinnant and Terry Hodges.

... But Knightdale officials started their annexation plans about three months before Wendell’s Town Board. If Knightdale passes their annexation plan on Nov. 14, the town will be able to officially annex in November 2005. That will bring Knightdale closer to the coveted interchange of U.S. 64 and the upcoming U.S. 64 Bypass.

1988 in Knightdale

Most of the areas west of Knightdale that are located between U.S. 64 and Poole Road could be targets for annexation by Knightdale one year from now.

The Knightdale Town Council last week took an administrative step that opens the door for annexation of nearly all the area between the town and the Neuse River, ranging as far east as Smithfield Road.

The council unanimously approved a resolution that declares the town ’s intent to annex almost all of Knightdale’s extraterritorial planning and zoning jurisdiction area, except for what lies north of the highway. The motion was made by Councilwoman Reba Pendleton.

While the resolution of intent does not require the town to annex any of the target area, it enables the town to immediately annex any parcel within this region after the one-year waiting period is up.

1963 in Zebulon

Sunday night thieves entered J.M. Chevrolet Company here and burglarized the front offices, according to Police Chief Willie B. Hopkins.

Hopkins said the Nab machine was pried open and $10 taken from it. The cash register was entered and approximately $5 was missing from it. About $2 was taken from a box used by the employees as a coffee cache.

Evidence pointed to the Coca-Cola box, showing signs that it had been tampered with but not entered. The thieves did not bother with a new cigarette vending machine.

The offices of the owners and bookkeepers were pilfered. One of the office girls said files were rifled and sheaves of paper on desks were strewn.

A garage man discovered the break-in Monday morning on his arrival to work. He immediately notified the local police department.

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