Incumbents re-elected in eastern Wake County municipal races

From staff reportsNovember 7, 2013 

  • Results Knightdale Town Council Three open seats

    Charles Bullock →  16.53%

    Mike Chalk →  24.69%

    Mark Swan →  29.20%

    Randy Young →  27.97%

    Write-in→  1.61%

    (4 of 4 precincts reporting)

    Wendell Board of Commissioners Three open seats

    John Boyette→  29.40%

    Virginia Gray→  32.81%

    Jon Lutz→  31.50%

    Write-in→  6.30%

    (3 of 3 precincts reporting)

    Zebulon Board of Commissioners Two open seats

    Beverly Clark (i) →  37.18%

    Anne-Marie Mazur →  4.03%

    Michael Mazur →  3.66%

    Annie Moore →  23.99%

    Glenn York →  30.95%

    Write-in → 0.18%

    Zebulon Mayor

    Bob Matheny (i) →  90.20%

    Richard Poole →  8.82%

    Write-in →  0.98%

    (2 of 2 precincts reporting)

— Four incumbents and five political newcomers were the top vote-getters in town elections on Tuesday.

Zebulon residents stuck with incumbent Mayor Bob Matheny and incumbent Commissioner Beverly Clark. They chose Glenn York to fill the other open seat on the town board.

Matheny garned about 90 percent of the vote, topping challenger Richard Poole. Matheny will begin his fifth term as Zebulon mayor and 36th year as an elected official.

“It’s a vote of confidence, and I appreciate it very much and will try to live up to it,” Matheny said.

Clark, with 37.18 percent of the vote, was the favorite out of the field of five commissioner candidates running for two open seats. She was followed by York, a political newcomer who earned nearly 31 percent of the vote.

York has said his top priorities will be making up for the likely loss of state funding and seeing through a sidewalk project on Shepard School Road that will connect Zebulon Middle School to the Zebulon Boys & Girls Club.

Clark begins her fourth term as a commissioner. Careful budgeting amid stagnant revenue and promoting economic development, especially in downtown, are the main planks in her platform.

Falling short in Zebulon on Tuesday were Anne-Marie Mazur, Michael Mazur and Annie Moore, who garnered a combined 31.68 percent of the vote in the town board race.

New faces in Knightdale

In the race for three seats on the Knightdale Town Council, political newcomer Mark Swan came out on top with about 29 percent of the vote. Knightdale’s other rookie candidate, insurance agent Randy Young, received the second-most votes, with almost 28 percent.

Swan attributed his 454 votes to going door-to-door in town.

“I just met more people,” he said. “As the town grows, there are newer people who don’t know anyone, so (the candidates are) on equal footing with them.”

Swan said he started going door-to-door around Labor Day and dedicated about 12 hours a week to his campaigning.

Incumbent Mike Chalk received about 24 percent of the vote. Swan, Young and Chalk will all take seats on the council. Current council members Jeff Eddins and Tim Poirer did not run for reelection.

Knightdale’s fourth candidate, Charles Bullock, had about 16 percent of the vote. Bullock served on Knightdale’s town council fom 1985-1993 and ran in Knightdale’s 2011 municipal election.

In that election, Bullock received about 11 percent of the vote.

Wendell write-ins

Wendell’s race for three open commissioner seats became less of a race and more of a formality when longtime town leader Ira Fuller decided not to run in September. Without Fuller, current commissioner Ginna Gray and newcomers John Boyette and Jon Lutz were running for the three open seats.

Gray took about 33 percent of Wendell’s votes, and Lutz, who is an optometrist in town, took about 32 percent. Boyette, who was especially quiet throughout campaign time, received 29 percent of votes.

Wendell residents also looked to other candidates: there were 24 write-ins, which constituted about 6 percent of votes cast.

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