Editorial: Alright folks, let’s vote

November 1, 2013 

If this year’s municipal election season seems staid, well, you’d be right. There’s been little acrimony among the candidates. There are not a lot of hot-button issues going on within local government to spur you to head out to the polls on Tuesday to cast a ballot for one candidate or another.

But that hardly means you shouldn’t. What’s likely to be the big issue a year from now? Three years from now? Chances are no one has a really good handle on that. Even the candidates would be hard-pressed to line out positions or political stands when the issues are so undefined.

In our opinion, that makes this election all the more important. You should consider which candidates you believe are most likely use good judgment when they consider that as-yet unpondered issue. Which candidate makes the wisest choices in his or her own personal lives. Have the incumbents made wise decisions on previous public issues? Do they have the discernment to weigh both sides of an issue and make decisions based on data and previous experience? Can they make difficult, perhaps even unpopular decisions if it’s truly in the best interest of the community at large?

Regardless of what hot-button issues arise and what challenges our towns face, the decisions made in the voting booth Tuesday will stick with us for four years. That’s how long the people we elect will serve.

So, if you think the status quo is fine and there’s no compelling reason to head out to vote this year, think again. No one’s crystal ball is so clear that we can know for sure what the future holds. But the future for the next four years will include the people we put into office Tuesday. It’s an important decision regardless of what is happening right now. Go vote.

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