Editorial: Creating the fabric of a community

November 1, 2013 

Communities are so much more than just arbitrary lines on a map. They are made of people with eclectic interests and passions that run the gamut from routine to off-the-charts. Communities are a collection of talents, perspectives and visions.

Last Sunday’s edition of the Eastern Wake News featured a story about Barbara Simon Sartain, a Zebulon woman who has turned her doodling skills into something more. Three of her works have been published. It’s unusual to say the least. And like any art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the skill displayed in the works published recently in a book are undeniable. Sartain – and people like her – are ingredients that help make this region unique and worthy of being a place we call home.

Sartain likely won’t get rich and quit her day job. But it’s great to see someone follow their passion and turn it into something others can enjoy. Look all around you and you’ll find people who do the same. Mike Unruh and Nora Cambiere in Wendell spend a huge amount of time in the yard of their Wendell home and they have a beautiful place because of their passion. On a regular basis we feature people who share an interest in improving their lawns. In Knightdale, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t appreciate Billy Wilder’s commitment to the arts. He throws pots and he teaches others how to do it. The examples are endless.

We suspect the number of hidden interests and passions among residents of eastern Wake County would astound most of us. Perhaps your neighbor is an excellent amateur photographer. Maybe the lady you work with knits afghans and gives them away at hospitals or nursing home.

Throughout eastern Wake County there are folks using their skills and exercising their passions for more than just their own simple pleasure.

We fuss – and rightfully so – when our government makes a bone-headed decision or when we are the victim of a crime or when some other malady befalls us.

But our community is so much more than those things.

We should celebrate our uniqueness at every turn.

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