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Column: Never too early to wish for snow

November 1, 2013 

Regular readers of this column know of my love for snow.

It’s an excellent opportunity to let your inner child come out. Snow is created for one thing and one thing only: snowball fights. OK. I’m sorry. Snow has a second important use: snow cream. Snow cream has a wonderful quality about it that just beats ice cream all to pieces.

Before you go get your sleds out, there’s no wintry weather in the near future, but the recent dip in temperatures has me thinking about our chances for some of the white stuff this winter. The past two winters have been mighty poor ones for snow lovers.

I turned to the ultimate authority on all things weather – The Farmer’s Almanac – to find out just how good our chances are this year. There is reason for optimism. According to the prognosticators who opine on such things for The Farmer’s Almanac, we are in for a drier winter than normal, but – and there’s always a but – we should expect higher-than-average snowfall for the winter.

In case you’re wondering when you should get the snow skis out, the almanac says early and late December look promising. Could we actually see a white Christmas? That’s probably asking for too much. It would be nice to get it whenever it’ll come (excepting deadline days, of course). If we get nixed again at the start of this winter, our almanac says chances for snow go up again in February.

Ever the optimist, I’m hoping this will be the winter that brings us a hairy blast of winter with more snow than we know what to do with. I’m not interested in repeating the patterns of the past few years, in which one paltry snow is followed a week later by another sad excuse for a snowstorm. No, I want one of those snows like the region saw around the turn of the century, when some 22 inches fell in a single storm in the Wake County area.

I wasn’t living here when that snowstorm came through. Actually, I was living in the N.C. mountains, where friends and colleagues had encouraged me to get a four-wheel drive truck so I could navigate the winter weather that was sure to come. When my mother called the day of the big Triangle snowstorm, her question cut to the quick: “How much snow do you have?” Truly embarrased, I admitted that we only had about 2 inches in the region where I lived.

When I moved back to the flatlands, I hoped lightning might strike twice, but it hasn’t happened.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful. I want one more snowball fight with my children before they move on with their lives and leave Dad behind. I yearn for the peaceful quietness that comes with a nice snowstorm as everyone heads inside to wait it out.

A beautiful snowfall brings with it an entirely new landscape in which everything that once had color is rendered black and white.

So keep your fingers crossed that the folks at The Farmer’s Almanac are right again this year.

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