Scotland volleyball handles East Wake in 1st round of 4A playoffs

October 21, 2013 

— The Scots had no second-set problems on Saturday as they swept the visiting East Wake team in three games to advance to the second round of the state playoffs.

Scotland, which has struggled in the second set often this season, instead played its best volleyball of the day en route to a 25-15, 25-10 and 25-20 win.

East Wake probably had the two tallest players Scotland has faced all season in Breanna Arnold and Angel Rizor.

Both players made their presence known at the net, racking up several blocks and forcing Scotland’s hitters to adjust their strategy.

Scotland coach Molly Hayes said she talked with her team during warmups about how to counter East Wake’s height advantage.

“When they walked in and we saw a little bit more height than we’ve seen, of course you’re just naturally a little intimidated,” Hayes said.

“But after watching warmups I knew that we had girls who were a little bit more knowledgeable, knew the right things, knew the right approaches and the right techniques.

“So we talked about that before the game a little bit, where we needed to try to hit and where not to hit to avoid the block.”

The Scots quickly won the opening game 25-15 against an East Wake side that looked unorganized.

Scotland won the second game by an even larger margin, a departure from its usual pattern in the middle game.

Jessie Kee lead the team in kills with 13 while Madeline Milholland collected eight. Milholland also completed 12 of her 14 passes to target and had three aces.

Emma Gray Beacham had three aces of her own in the match, and Avery Callahan lead the team with 22 assists.

Scotland hosted J.H. Rose High School on Tuesday in the second round of the playoffs.

This article was republished with the permission of the Laurinburg Exchange.

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