Editorial: Agency support a wise move

October 16, 2013 

Knightdale’s town council seems all but assured of passing a resolution to provide Community Helpers, a small, local nonprofit, with a few thousand dollars to help the agency keep its doors open.

Many folks in Knightdale are familiar with Community Helpers. The agency provides food, clothing and other necessities for those who can’t afford it. Founder and chief provider Billy Neal has been recognized as the town’s citizen of the year for his largesse and for his community-mindedness. His work has been effective and it has been appreciated.

More than government, more, even, than many for-profit businesses, Neal and the agency he runs have had to figure out how to get along on a shoestring budget.

Neal has done that and he’s provided a tremendously valuable service to the town.

But sometimes shoestrings break. Neal’s shoestring has broken enough that he needs a new one.

When he asked the town for $2,500 to keep the agency running, there was not a hint of opposition to the idea. Councilman Mike Chalk recommended a slightly larger figure.

It’s unfortunate that such agencies are needed at all, but since they are, towns like Knightdale do well when they support organizations like Community Helpers.

In the long run, it remains to be seen if a donation of any size by the town will be enough to keep the doors open for Community Helpers.

But in this case, town council members certainly seem to be stepping up to the plate.

And in doing so, they are setting an example the rest of us should follow.

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