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October 15, 2013 

Ross Carroll with the Corinth Holders Fire Department talks to Corinth-Holders Elementary students about fire safety in 1988.


Bringing you the news from 10, 25, and 50 years ago, This Week in History is here to satisfy the curiosity of the historically-minded news buff!

In 2003, Knightdale officials were looking to move the corporate centers of their town closer to the U.S. 64 bypass that was being planned at the time. In 1988, the North Carolina Region 3 Educational Center moved into Zebulon, and in 1963, the editor of the Zebulon Record wrote a piece about his trip to the State Fair.


The Town of Knightdale was considering their annexing strategy, with the aim of acquiring land closer to the U.S. 64 bypass that was at the time being planned.

Knightdale officials are taking a step closer to the interchange of U.S. 64 and the upcoming U.S. 64 Bypass. The involuntary annexations of 29 parcels along the U.S. 64 corridor east of Knightdale would bring the town ’s corporate limits closer to the interchange expected to host a multitude of businesses in the future.

The town is considering the annexation of about 235 acres, including eight parcels along Old Knight Road and the rest on U.S. 64. Almost all of the area in consideration currently resides in Knightdale’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, with the exception of an about 80-acre parcel east of the electrical distribution business Square D. According to aerial photographs filed on Wake County’s Web site, the parcel is vacant farmland and, as such, could be eligible for a delayed annexation.

The town is planning on annexing the properties in November 2004, then installing water and sewer services two years later, according to a document titled “2003 Annexation Report; Northeast U.S. 64 Corridor Area.”


The N.C. Region 3 Educational Center’s new building was being completed in Zebulon. Formerly located in Knightdale, the center moved to be more available to its service base.

The final touches of paint were added two weeks ago to the North Carolina Region 3 Educational Center, which has recently moved into its new Zebulon facility near Wakefield on N.C. 96.

With a 5,200-square-foot addition to the old Tri-Circuits building, the center has returned to the eastern Wake County area. Two years ago, it was located within Lockhart Elementary School in Knightdale (but) was moved to accommodate Lockhart classes. The center was then relocated temporarily to Raleigh. That two-year lease expired July 1.

“We are now more central to our service area,” Sam Shugart, director of the center, said. “Mr. Parrish (the developer) couldn’t have been more helpful.”

The staff at the center originally expected to move in August, but problems with the building permits delayed the start of renovations.


The editor of the Zebulon Record wrote a short piece about his visit to the State Fair, which is quite different from the way it is now, but with much of the same spirit.

The 1963 grandstand show at North Carolina State Fair is outstanding, according to the consensus of newspapermen and legislators who saw a preview presentation of the varied program Monday night.

Among those present were Governor and Mrs. Terry Sanford, Commissioner of Agriculture Stag Ballentine, Secretary of State Thad Eure, and Editor and Mrs. Barrie Davis.

Everybody had a wonderful time.

I thought the Rockette dancing girls were skilled, talented, and beautiful. Judy thought the high wire artists had the best act.

Then came Mr. Chitwood and his Hell Drivers!

Wheeling, spinning, skidding, jumping, clowning, those crazy people did unbelievable things with automobiles, and nobody got hurt.

Judy watched them roar back and forth, and exclaimed: “I’ve found my calling!” It looked like fun, and it was fun looking.

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