Editorial: With election over, it’s time to get to work

October 11, 2013 

Tuesday night’s election threw the Wake County Board of Education more solidly in favor of the Democrats, which should virtually erase the pandemonium that ensued with the rise of school board Replubicans.

But we wonder if the school board wouldn’t be more effective if members ignore party affiliations and address the issues that face educators and students all over Wake County.

Problems with some of the Knightdale-area schools ahave shed a bright light on the Knightdale area.

School board member Tom Benton, who represents most of eastern Wake County, has an opportunity to lead the board in a spirited effort to improve what he calls an equity issue.

As a school administrator Benton was aggressive and effective. Voters who sent him back to the school board in Tuesday’s election, have high expectations that he will put those issues on the board’s front burner

Benton’s capable of accomplishing much on the school board, but he will have to force several other board members to pay attention long enough for them to focus on eastern Wake County’s challenges without shirking what they see as their obligations to their own districts.

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