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Column: What a great time it’s been in eastern Wake County

October 11, 2013 

The past few weeks have been a swirl of activity, almost to the point where it’s been hard to enjoy the activities in the midst of getting from one thing to the next. Between the International Food Festival and the Harvest Festival, Wendell’s J. Ashley Wall Towne Square has been the epicenter of social life in Wendell.

On Tuesday night, the town of Zebulon – led by the police and fire departments – hosted their annual Zebulon Night Out. Knightdale has celebrated the opening of a new park and, well, call me crazy, but Election Day is almost like a holiday for me. It’s a time to see people I don’t get to visit with very often and that was the case late Tuesday afternoon when I went to cast my ballot.

On Friday night, we arrived at the Harvest Festival long enough to visit with Wendell Commissioner Ginna Gray for a few minutes before we headed toward the stage to take in the East Wake Honors Chorale. Then we zipped off to the East Wake football game. We were, unfortunately, a week late to watch an exciting Warrior win, but we did get to watch our daughter and her bandmates in the East Wake Blue Spirit marching band.

Saturday is still like a fog. After a short shift working the Rotary Club’s booth, I volunteered to help the chamber man some of the children’s games.

Now, I realize I’m not 5 years old, but I was surprised by the number of children who wanted to slide down the short little blow-up slide over and over. There was never a shortage of children lined up waiting their turn (nor was there ever a shortage of children who didn’t realize they had to wait their turn in line, but that’s a different story).

There are certainly a lot of businesses that would love the have the customer loyalty that little slide enjoyed.

I took a short break late Saturday afternoon to return home and grab some lawn chairs so I could join the crowd in listening the Embers close out the festival.

The Saturday night concert was surely the highlight of the weekend for me. My daughter, Anna Kate, and I took two lawn chairs to the show. She never sat in hers, preferring to hang out with friends all night. I wasn’t complaining though. Listening to good music is a solitary experience and I was able to admire the artistry of a band that hadn’t graced the town square’s stage for 10 years. Though the music was loud, the experience was peaceful and thoroughly enjoyable.

On Tuesday – Election Day – right after I finished voting, traveled back to Zebulon to attend Zebulon Night Out. Because I was arriving fairly early in the three-hour event’s run, I worried that I might not see too many people in attendance. Silly me. The place was packed and cars lined both sides of Arendell Avenue up and down the block in front of the Community Center. Inside were all manner of folks I don’t get to see frequently.

An active life is a fun life. I commend it to everyone.


Speaking of Rotary, our local club recently took nearly 200 pounds of food items to the food pantry at Wendell United Methodist Church. That represented collections we’ve made since the first of July. In the second quarter of the year, we will donate more food to the Helping Hand Mission in Wendell. Each quarter, we’ll support a different pantry with the food we collect. It’s all part of a district-wide effort to relieve hunger that exists throughout the region.

So, here’s a request for most of you, and a challenge for some others.

First the request. If you’re interested in supporting the effort, do it. Bring your food items by the Eastern Wake News office and we’ll add it to the collection.

And here’s the challenge: If you’re part of a civic group in eastern Wake County, why don’t you convince the members of your organization to top us. Collect non-perishable food at your regular meetings and just before Christmas, tote it all down to the Helping Hand Mission and let’s see if we can’t all pitch in to relieve the hunger problem right here at home.

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