Letter: World class education?

October 9, 2013 

As news of the recent East Wake Middle School audit begins to surface, one thing is abundantly clear. Parents are deeply concerned that the issues noted were only the tip of the iceberg. In the community there is a seething resentment with the leadership of East Wake Middle School. The fact that the audit recommends launching a public relations campaign to mask the issues rather than fix the problems (or the leadership) of the school insults everyone’s intelligence. It only serves as a slap in the face to parents in the community.

The effort they plan to spend to “launch a public relations campaign” could be better spent elsewhere in the school. Common sense solutions are needed; not a propaganda campaign. A school administrator should be responsible for everything that occurs in a school (good or bad) and should be held to account. The school system suffers from self-serving bias: always wanting to accept the accolades but determined to deflect the deficiencies. Leadership does not come by way of a position or title. Some people are great leaders and others are not. The ones that are not should not be in charge of our children – period.

A school absent supervision will be more prone to discipline problems, as a school with better supervision will have significantly fewer disciplinary issues. Discipline begins with supervision – at home and school. After-the-fact punishments result only in high suspension rates. They provide little long-term success in changing a school’s climate. School suspension rates at East Wake, along with the way they are handled, lead the call for a change in leadership at the school.

The school’s failure, being an external problem, is at least the easiest to fix, and the solution is in the hands of the administration. The idea that they plan to use propaganda to try to change public opinion is par for the course with East Wake Middle School. The resentment we as parents harbor comes from a simple fact: We all want our children to receive the “World Class Education” that is heralded in the Wake County School System. It’s not happening at East Wake Middle School.

Mike Skinner


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