Editorial: Important vote upcoming

September 27, 2013 

In little more than a week, Wake County voters will head to the polls to voice their opinion on who will sit on the Board of Education for the next four years or so. It’s an important decision, regardless of your politics and regardless of your party affiliation.

You would just about have to live under a rock not to know about the schisms that exist on the Wake County school board. And though the rhetoric has toned down considerably, the board is often not focused as much on problem solving as they are on party loyalty.

That’s no way to lead the charge when it comes to educating our children. And it creates bigger problems than just poorly-educated young people.

Businesses considering a move to Wake County might think twice about coming here if they see community leaders bickering over silly things or pulling political fast ones. That impacts everyone’s ability to get a new and better job.

So, we urge you to spend these next few days pondering the candidates and which ones most deserve your vote.

And when Election Day arrives, you need to follow through. Visit your polling place and cast your vote.

Few voters, sadly will vote on Election Day and that makes your vote count even more.

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