Wendell’s Covenant Presbyterian packs meals for Stop Hunger Now

September 23, 2013 

The fellowship hall of Wendell’s Covenant Presbyterian Church was transformed Sept. 15 into a meal-packing facility, producing 10,000 meals to help fight hunger in developing countries.

Working through the organization Stop Hunger Now, headquartered in Raleigh, a total of 78 Covenant members, friends, scouts and youth group members came together to pour, mix, seal and load dehydrated meals comprised of rice, soy, vegetables, flavoring, and essential vitamins and minerals. The meals, which cost only 25 cents each to create, support education programs and save lives in countries around the world.

“Many of us do not have the opportunity to travel on a mission trip, but this project gave us a way to reach out and help people in developing countries, especially children,” said Linda Berry, a Covenant member who coordinated the event. “Covenant’s response was overwhelming.”

The $2,500 cost for Covenant’s participation was covered by proceeds from the sale of the Wendell Community Calendar, which earmarks profit each year for mission projects.

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