Editorial: Take advantage of Zebulon expo time

September 19, 2013 

Most business owners and managers will tell you that membership in the local chamber of commerce is a worthwhile investment.

Chamber membership lends credibility to a local business and implies a trustworthiness than can have a real difference in a company’s bottom line. If you’re a new business owner, you welcome the opportunities a chamber of commerce gives you to expose your company to other people.

In Zebulon, one of the very best ways people can promote their business is through the chamber’s annual business expo.

This year’s event takes place Sept. 25 at East Wake Academy. Dozens of booths will feature information and samples of work from businesses across the region.

Businesses, however, should take care to consider just what kind of message they wish to send with their booth. Sharp, crisp booth displays will catch the eye of a passerby.

Taking the time to craft a sharp message in a creative way will make this marketing opportunity much more effective. Give passersby something interesting to look at. Use bright colors. Don’t let the table cover be the brightest object in the booth. Make it easy for potential customers to find you after the expo is over. Better yet, give them an incentive for providing you with their contact information so you can get in touch with them later. After all, that’s the way selling is supposed to happen. The businessman who waits for every customer to come to him will not be a businessman for long.

Businesses pine for walk-in traffic. It adds to the bottom line. Even if the expo is not a place designed for selling, it is an idea exchange.

On Wednesday, the entire East Wake Academy gymnasium will turn into a giant information exchange. If you want to avoid having your information drowned out by your competition, you’ll consider just how you can add that extra touch of care that tells a visitor that you welcome them as a customer and you care about the image your company carries in the community.

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