Letter: Stop picking at Republicans

September 6, 2013 

Stop picking at Republicans

I have viewed your publishing of the Draughon Insider with little note because I know it is a liberal Democratic item. However, the one in the 9/1 issue was beyond stupid.

The voter ID requirement does not require any more from the black community than from the white or Latino community. Besides, I even have to show a photo ID when I go to the doctor.

If the problem is that people that don’t have transportation to go get an ID, what problem would it be for some people to take them to register? Both parties do it (sometimes by the busload) at election time.

Democrats are acting like a spoiled child whose mother has just had a baby, and the child is used to having full attention. Grow up! You are not doing the state any good by nit-picking every move the Republicans make without knowing the results of that move.

LeRoy Witt


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