Editorial: A lesson in preparedness

August 28, 2013 

Wendell town commissioner Christie Adams is not seeking re-election to her seat on the town board. Her departure in December will be a loss for the town.

That she is not seeking re-election is not a big surprise. Her first child was born in the last year. She works a full-time job unlike all the other members of the town board. And she has found herself in the minority on many issues of importance to her, and that can be as frustrating as beating your head against a brick wall.

But she has set an example in many ways for her fellow commissioners and future commissioners to follow.

She has always done her homework. She has come to meetings prepared with questions and opinions. It’s clear from the comments she makes and the questions she asks that she has read the packet and started asking questions before it’s time to make a decision. Those were characteristics people saw in Adams before she ever even became a candidate for public office and those traits have followed her in her work on the board.

Like many who run for elected office, Adams entered the political fray in part as a response to a personal concern. In her case, she was not happy with the quality of housing that surrounded her home. She has worked steadily – even up until last week’s meeting – to adopt rules that would restrict low-income housing in Wendell and would require upgrades and improvements for existing dwellings that are in bad shape. Though she has been careful not to couch the debate in terms of her neighbors, no one doubts the genesis of her concern.

Even so, it’s hard to argue against her point. Wendell is home to a higher percentage of low-income housing than any other place in Wake County. It does not help the tax base. And it’s not ever a good idea to allow people to live in substandard housing.

The housing issue aside, Adams has been thoughtful and deliberative in all of her actions. She has worked to boost the town’s image in other ways through a regular television show on East Wake TV. And she has been active, visible and accessible to everyone.

As she gets ready to end her town board service, we hope others will take note of her work ethic and try to emulate it.

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