Editorial: Still a worthwhile cause

August 16, 2013 

For years now, the East Wake Relay for Life has been a highlight on the social calendar and a must-attend event for hundreds who want to see cancer become a thing of the past.

In recent years, though, the fundraising effort has taken a hit from an embezzlement scandal involving the organization that plans the event and a souring economy the made it more difficult to gather donations from a public worried about its own future.

But a report last week by Eastern Wake News reporter Aaron Moody shows that the Relay for Life is making a comeback.

Fundraising totals are rising steadily and new teams are popping up to take part. They bring with them an infectious enthusiasm that makes others want to increase their efforts.

In 2013, the East Wake Relay for Life raised just over $110,000, within just a few dollars off the organization’s 2009 total.

There is work to do to reach the halcyon days of 2008 – before scandal and job losses really hampered the effort – when the event raised more than $131,000.

But we have confidence that those days will return.

As a community, we have shown for many years that we care about cancer research. Despite all the other events, our interest in beating the dreaded disease has not diminished.

And, so, as a new Relay year kicks off in earnest, we hope you will decide to get into or rejoin the fight.

The Relay leadership has worked to re-gain the public’s trust. And, they’ve earned it.

Now it’s time the rest of us step up and join the battle, raise the money and do our part to end a disease that, in one way or another, has affected every single person in this community.

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