Editorial: Welcome to Knightdale

July 19, 2013 

It’s an exciting time to be in Knightdale. The town’s new park is coming along nicely. The much-anticipated resumption of residential development is expected to follow and town leaders are aggressively looking for other opportunities to bring people to the town.

With that as a backdrop, Mary Younts begins her work next month as the chamber of commerce’s new executive director.

She fills the shoes long worn by Jennifer Bryan, a popular and exacting administrator who ran in important circles.

And before you dismiss the chamber as little more than a business social club that puts on a nice Christmas parade, consider this:

It’s the chamber who led the effort to build support for the bond approved by voters in 2012. It’s the chamber who provides residents with a chance to hear from candidates for public office. And it’s the chamber that lobbies government bodies for rules that will foster growth.

As Younts takes on her new role, it will be important that she focus on the needs of existing businesses in the community, learning what is important to them and how the chamber can assist them in their goals.

As time goes on, she will build relationships that allow her to become an effective community leader. At that point, she will have made the position her own and positioned the chamber of commerce to be the important institution that it is, not only for the business community, but for the town at large.

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