Editorial: Filing season is here

July 11, 2013 

Filing season began last Friday.

No, we’re not talking about the deadlines for late taxes. It’s political campaign season again.

Candidates for office on the Wake County school board and for municipal seats throughout eastern Wake County have started making their intentions to stand for election known.

It’s not too early to start sizing them up.

Voters have a great many reasons to pay attention in this year’s election season.

The Wake school board seems to be moving past its tumultuous period of a few years ago and, though the backbiting seems to have abated, the state legislature and the Wake County commissioners have injected themselves fully into school system politics.

County commissioners want to strip the school board of its property ownership and maintenance obligations. The General Assembly has already redrawn school board districts and the way we elect our school board members.

How favorable or unfavorable that will be to candidates in this year’s race is yet to be seen.

In eastern Wake County towns, the slate of candidates is intriguing and the economic issues facing commissioners and council members in Knightdale, Wendell and Zebulon are significant.

Voters should take the time to listen to candidates, ask questions of them.

It’s OK to seek them out. Candidates have put themselves out there for public scrutiny and everyone of of them deserves our investigation.

All too often, voters enter the voting booth on election day and mark the name that sounds most familiar to them. Running for office has become one part popularity contest and two part fundraising. Money, of course, buys that sought-after name recognition.

Campaign season won’t kick into high gear for another six weeks or so, but voters can start now trying to decide who are the best people for those jobs.

Otherwise, we get what we deserve.

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