Editorial: Good news on the parkway

July 11, 2013 

Wells Fargo’s decision to finish construction of Wendell Falls Parkway is good for everyone.

The roadway has sat dormant for the past five years, barricades preventing motorists from using the the roadway from the Knightdale Bypass to Richardson Road.

Work on the roadway, which was nearly complete when the economy soured and forced the developers of Wendell Falls into foreclosure, was scheduled to begin as early as this week. While no timeline has been set for opening the road, it is clear that opening day won’t be too far off.

That helps the bank market the property by opening access to the land and by taking one more task off the punchlist before a new developer dips their toes into the project.

And it helps potentially thousands of motorists who have been longing for a new way into Wendell other than the oft-crowded Wendell Boulevard.

As long as Wells Fargo has owned the property, it’s clear finishing the roadway was not something they really wanted to do. But this decision highlights the fact that the bank needs to do something to move the property.

And if that happens, Wendell could once again be on pace to see growth return.

And even more than opening the road, that would really be a win for everyone in this area.

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