Letter: Boy Scouts deserve praise

July 11, 2013 

Once again, we have to thank the Boy Scouts and their leaders from Zebulon Baptist Church, Troop 524 for replacing all the flags in the Zebulon Town Cemetery prior to Memorial Day and also Troop 508 from Zebulon United Church, for replacing all the flags in the Gethsemane Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

This experience is rewarding to all who participate in this patriotic annual project and extremely meaningful for those families who have veterans interred in these cemeteries.

We are thankful for the supervision they are afforded by their leaders; also the importance of this practice being performed by the Boy Scout as stressed by their leaders prior to replacing these flags. It demonstrates an honor to the veterans and their sacrifices while in the armed forces of the United States.

If there are other veterans interred in these cemeteries that we are not aware of and who have not received American flags, please inform us of which cemetery, their names, locations and date on the stones or markers. We want to honor them also.

The flags retrieved from this replacement exercise are properly disposed of in flag retirement ceremonies preformed by the Boy Scout Troops and the American Legion, at an appropriate time of the year, usually near Flag Day.

Ron Krueger can be reached at 919-314-7779 and David Phillips can be reached at 919-404-1734.

Ronald Krueger and David Phillips


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