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Riverwood at Mingo Creek continues win streak

From staff reportsJuly 8, 2013 

— Riverwood at Mingo Creek continued an unbeaten streak with its first real blowout win of the season during the fourth week of Tarheel Swimming Association meets on July 2.

The Mingo Creek Rays, who swim out of Division 5, improved to 4-0 following a 359-154 road win over the Durant Trails Typhoons in Raleigh. The Division 6 Durant team remained winless after the loss.

Triple winners for the Rays were Lillie Martin (freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly), Callie Blandford (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly) and Ashley Heineman (freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke).

The other three eastern Wake TSA teams didn’t share the same fate.

The Planter’s Walk Piranhas were defeated 317-174 while swimming in the Wood Valley Otters’ waters. The Division 5 Piranhas’ record fell to 1-3 on the season, while the win propelled the Division 4 Otters to 2-2.

Triple winners for Planter’s Walk were Liam Givens-Keatley and Robert McCue (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly).

The Division 9 Wendell Waves (2-2) were denied any double or triple winners as they hosted the Division 7 Hedingham Sharks (4-0) and were overpowered, 386-115.

The Zebulon Dolphins, a Division 10 team, also hosted a team two divisions up the ranks and witnessed similar results. The Granite Falls Gators (4-0) managed a 300.5-172.5 victory over the Zebulon crew (0-4).

A trio of Dolphins went three-for-three in the meet – Avery Thomas (freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly), and Devin Worley and Julia Wrenn (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly).

Mingo Creek 359, Durant Trails 153

Medley Relay

•  First: Zachary Klingenbeck, Zachary Gall, Grayson Heineman and Patrick Ford; Sadler Miller, Emily Stuckey, Caroline VanSchaick and Emily Raynor; Aidan DeSimone, Jesse Lower, Jonathon Raynor and Graeme Boice; Mackensie Parker, Ciara Doering, Lillie Martin and Meghan Patrick; William Snow, Nolan VanSchaick, Jackson Heineman, Dougan Raynor; Christian Lower, Connor Blandford, Sebastian Kettner and Ryan Partrick; Ashley Heineman, Stephanie Grandin, Cara Martin and Hallie Sherrill; Grayson Parker, Joshua Young, Will Hall and Grant Sullivan; Amanda Knickerbocker, Sloan Hunt, Jessie Sullivan and Ariel Fricke.


•  First: Vann Smith, Aiden DeSimone, Lillie Martin, Jackson Heineman, Callie Blandford, Ashley Heineman and Amanda Knickerbocker.

•  Second: Owen VanSchaick, Emelia Anderson, Grayson Heineman, Caroline VanSchaick, Sadler Miller, Michael Partrick, Nolan VanSchaick, Reagan Martin, Connor Blandford and Sloan Hunt.

•  Third: Zachary Gall, Jonathon Raynor, Ciara Doering, Raquel Kettner, Christian Lower, Stephanie Grandin, Grant Sullivan and Jessie Sullivan.


•  First: Turner Stuckey, Grayson Heineman, Sadler Miller, Michael Partrick, Nolan VanSchaick, Callie Blandford, Connor Blandford, Ashley Heineman and Amanda Knickerbocker.

•  Second: Aiden DeSimone, Meghan Partrick, Raquel Kettner, Will Hall and Jessie Sullivan.

•  Third: Zachary Klingenbeck, William Snow, Alexis Carter, Chandler Parker, Cara Martin and Ariel Fricke.


•  First: Owen VanSchaick, Jesse Lower, Lillie Martin, Alexis Carter, Connor Blandford, Ashley Heineman, Grant Sullivan and Sloan Hunt.

•  Second: Zachary Gall, Emily Raynor, Michael Partrick, Nolan VanSchaick, Reagan Martin, Christian Lower, Stephanie Grandin, Joshua Young and Ariel Fricke.

•  Third: Patrick Ford, Ian Williams, Andrea Lamm, Jackson Heineman, Annelyse Belyea and Cara Martin.


•  First: Grayson Heineman, Graeme Boice, Lillie Martin, Jackson Heineman, Callie Blandford, Stephanie Grandin and Jessie Sullivan.

•  Second: Zachary Gall, Caroline VanSchaick, Ciara Doering, Reagan Martin, Cara Martin and Amanda Knickerbocker.

•  Third: Isabella Behrend, Christian Lower, Hallie Sherrill, Grant Sullivan and Sloan Hunt.

Freestyle Relay

•  First: Patrick Ford, Zachary Klingenbeck, Zachary Gall and Grayson Heineman; Emily Raynor, Caroline VanSchaick, Sadler Miller and Emily Stuckey; Aiden DeSimone, Jonathan Raynor, Michael Partrick and Graeme Boice; Jackson Heineman, Nolan VanSchaick, Dougan Raynor and Grayson Gall; Callie Blandford, Reagan Martin, Raquel Kettner and Aspen Anderson; Connor Blandford, Ryan Partrick, Christian Lower and Chandler Parker; Cara Martin, Hallie Sherrill, Stephanie Grandin and Ashley Heineman; Maverick Pellegrino, Grant Sullivan, Will Hall and Grayson Parker; Amanda Knickerbocker, Jessie Sullivan, Sloan Hunt and Ariel Fricke.

Wood Valley 317, Planter’s Walk 174

Medley Relay

•  First: Ben Rashleigh, Trent Walker, Liam Givens-Keatley and Keegan Sonye; Robert McCue, Brandon Bobbitt, Will Snow and Dylan Bobbitt.


•  First: Marie Rashleigh, Liam Givens-Keatley, Cameron Mays and Robert McCue.

•  Second: Takoda Valles, Dax Hardy, Ben Rashleigh, Dylan Bobbitt and Kristin Olson.

•  Third: Jackson Beam.


•  First: Liam Givens-Keatley and Robert McCue.

•  Second: Connor Mills, Dax Hardy, Libby Gill, Cameron Mays, Will Snow and Taylor Freisen.

•  Third: Matthew Slade, Keegan Sonye, Leah Yuhas and Megan Woodlief.


•  First: Marie Rashleigh, Ben Rashleigh and Dylan Bobbitt.

•  Second: Takoda Valles, Gabriella Garcia, Jackson Beam, Lillie Lawrence and Brandon Bobbitt.

•  Third: Cole Walker, Calypso Glines, Keegan Sonye, Brian Levine and Kristin Olson.


•  First: Dax Hardy, Libby Gill, Liam Givens-Keatley, Robert McCue and Kristin Olson.

•  Second: Matthew Slade, Calypso Glines, Ben Rashleigh and Will Snow.

•  Third: Takoda Valles, Catherine Mills, Jackson Beam, Brenna Hardy, Brandon Bobbitt and Meagan Woodlief.

Freestyle Relay

•  First: Ben Rashleigh, Keegan Sonye, Trent Walker and Liam Givens-Keatley; Dylan Bobbitt, Brandon Bobbitt, Will Snow and Robert McCue; Megan Woodlief, Taylor Friesen, Kristin Olson and Amber Ayscue.

Hedingham 386, Wendell 115

Medley Relay

•  First: Ben Aston, Mattox Bryant, Ben Sherman and Deqlan Mitchell; Parker Brown, Howie Bair, John Riddle and Colin Rourke.


•  Second: John Riddle, Hayden Simpson, Daniel Duttman and Alicia Neal.

•  Third: Raleigh Holt, Deqlan Mitchell, Gracie Wright, Chip Raynor and Caroline Duttman.


•  First: Gracie Wright.

•  Second: Black Jones and James Riddle.

•  Third: Anna Grace Maynor, Ben Aston, Zeke Lemmond, Nathan Bryant, Julia Waynik and Brinkley Raynor.


•  First: Addie Lemmond, Mattox Bryant, John Riddle, Julia Waynik and Daniel Duttman.

•  Second: Rayna Lemmond, Howie Bair, Chip Raynor and Alicia Neal.

•  Third: Parker Perry, Ben Sherman, Parker Brown, Hannah Huffman, Hayden Simpson, Caroline Duttman and Nicki Riddle.


•  First: Gracie Wright.

•  Second: Ben Sherman, John Riddle, Hayden Simpson and Daniel Duttman.

•  Third: Mattox Bryant, Zeke Lemmond, Blake Jones, Caroline Duttman and Alicia Neal.

Freestyle Relay

•  First: Parker Brown, Colin Rourke, Howie Bair and John Riddle.

Granite Falls 300.5, Zebulon 172.5

Medley Relay

•  First: Joy Cashwell, Caroline Jones, Julia Wrenn and Suzanna Lee.


•  First: Benny Allmon, Avery Thomas, Devin Worley, Ryan Worley, Julia Wrenn and Joy Cashwell.

•  Second: Ryan Halterman, Isabella Leahy, Dean Cashwell and Suzanna Lee.

•  Third: Carsen Creech, Zollie Alford, Whitley Creech and Wade Creech.


•  First: Josh Temple, Devin Worley, Julia Wrenn, Ryan Worley and Suzanna Lee.

•  Second: Carsen Creech, Wade Creech and Joy Cashwell.

•  Third: Brock Alford, Miranda Halterman, Joey Mendez, Kalin Creech and Jay Mendez.


•  First: Avery Thomas, Isabella Leahy, Josh Temple, Caroline Jones and Suzanna Lee.

•  Second: Brock Alford, Zollie Alford, Ashley Kerr, Joel Keefer and Alston Willard.

•  Third: Miranda Halterman and Dean Cashwell.


•  First: Avery Thomas, Devin Worley, Julia Wrenn and Joy Cashwell.

•  Second: Dean Cashwell, Ashley Kerr and Ryan Worley.

•  Third: Benny Allmon, Zollie Alford, Isabella Leahy, Josh Temple, Wade Creech and Alston Willard.

Freestyle Relay

•  First: Joy Cashwell, Caroline Jones, Julia Wrenn and Suzanna Lee.

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