Zebulon police seize five pot plants

amoody@newsobserver.com aspecht@newsobserver.comJuly 6, 2013 

— Police on Tuesday were still investigating who was responsible for growing five marijuana plants in a neighborhood just south of downtown Zebulon.

Zebulon officers seized the plants June 27 from a property in the Lindsey Pointe subdivision following an aerial sweep by a National Guard helicopter. The plants were found near an out building behind the residence at 627 Bullhart Drive, according to police.

Police had made no arrests in the case as of Tuesday. Officials said one female suspect, who resides at the home, was identified and questioned in the presence of her attorney on Monday. They have yet to confirm the identity of a second suspect, a male, who was brought to their attention during the interview with the female suspect.

“We talked to (the female suspect) the same day we eradicated the plants, but her attorney called us that same day and since then all communication has gone through the attorney,” Zebulon Lt. Scott Finch said.

Once the identity of the male suspect is determined, he will also be brought in by police for questioning.

“We’re going to consult the District Attorney’s office to determine criminal charges,” Finch added.

Finch, Det. Sgt. Dale Gant and Det. Brandon Lane arrived at the police station with the plants just after noon on June 27. The plants were about three feet in height. Finch said each plant was likely to yield one pound of smokable pot.

“Realistically, I’d say they’re probably worth closer to $2,000, but the tax value is more,” Finch said. “Its tax value is $8 a gram. At that rate, one pound is (worth) $3,584.”

It was the first seizure of growing plants in the last year, and the first time Zebulon used the National Guard’s Counterdrug Task Force since September 2011, Finch said. The task force is a resource available to police departments at no cost.

“It searches in grids, every few years,” Finch said. “This is the time of year, marijuana grows outdoors.”

Finch said other factors considered in calling for an aerial search include historical information, land layout and tips police receive from the public.

The Lindsey Pointe neighborhood was one of six areas scanned from the sky that Thursday, and was the only point where marijuana was found.

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