Editorial: Crematorium wasn’t a good idea where it was planned

June 27, 2013 

A request to build a pet crematorium on land across from Wakefield Elementary School was killed last month by a prior agreement between several local governments, including Zebulon and Wake County, that prohibits commercial development in the watershed surrounding the future Little River Reservoir.

But it would have been a bad idea whether an agreement was in place or not.

The location across from Wakefield Elementary would have been a disheartening sight for children, most of whom are too young to maturely deal with the subject of death. And, while the crematorium would not have killed any pets, it certainly is a reminder to any passerby – or any student – that pets die and must be disposed of.

The proposed location was also across the street from an animal hospital. That hospital is on property owned by the applicants who wanted to build the pet crematorium, though it is operated by different people.

Nevertheless it’s a decidedly bad visual for someone bringing Muffy to the animal hospital to be treated for some illness. And for far too many people it would be hard to separate the animal hospital from the pet crematorium across the street. In fact, it hearkens back to the days when ambulance service was provided by the local funeral home.

That’s an idea that saw its time come and go.

Putting a pet crematorium within sight of the animal hospital is an idea that should never come to fruition.

We suspect the applicants who want to build the pet crematorium intend no ill will. They see a business opportunity and a viable way to make money.

We actually hope they can build the facility. We just hope it’s somewhere a little less visible to people would be offended by its presence.

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