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Mingo Creek, Wendell remain unbeaten through week two

From staff reportsJune 25, 2013 

— Three of the four local Tarheel Swimming Association teams posted wins in meets that were completed Wednesday due to the severe weather that crossed the area last Tuesday.

The Mingo Creek Rays (2-0) pulled a 263-249 upset as they hosted North Hills (1-1). North Hills, a Division 4 crew with 239 swimmers on its roster, nearly doubled Division 5 Mingo Creek in team size.

Full results from Mingo Creek’s win were not available at press time.

The Planter’s Walk Piranhas (1-1), also a Division 5 team, hosted Black Horse Run (0-2) and witnessed no surprises as they stroked past the Division 6 Mustangs, 300-213.

Triple winners for Planters Walk were Marie Rashleigh and Kelsey Moore (freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly), and Liam Givens-Keatley, Kelly McCue and Robert McCue (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly). Piranhas picking up two wins were Regan Eatman (freestyle and backstroke), Teagan McNeil (backstroke and butterfly), and Dax Hardy and Brenna Hardy (freestyle and butterfly).

The Planter’s Walk team set several pool records on the way to the win.

The 9-10 boys team of Dax Hardy, Jackson Beam, Luke Peters and Ethan Robinson set a new pool record in the freestyle relay with a time of 1:04.25. The 11-12 boys team of Ben Rashleigh, Keegan Sonye, Evan Peters and Givens-Keatley answered with new records in the medley relay (2:10.88) and freestyle relay (1:52.91).

Givens-Keatley also notched pool records in each of his three individual wins – in the freestyle (26.28), backstroke (30.75) and fly (29.12) events.

The Wendell Waves (2-0) stayed perfect on the season with a 244-157 win over Raleigh Racquet Club (0-2). Wendell swims out of Division 9, while Raleigh Racquet is a Division 10 team.

The Waves’ triple winners were John Riddle (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly) and Nicki Riddle (backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly). Double winners for Wendell were Mason Hetzell and Deana Ayscue (backstroke and breaststroke), Caroline Duttman (freestyle and butterfly), and James Riddle (backstroke and butterfly).

The Division 10 Zebulon Dolphins (0-2) ran into choppy waters swimming against a Division 8 opponent on the road. Carlyle & Chatsworth (2-0) defeated the Zebulon team 330.5-125.5.

Zebulon had a pair of triple winners in the meet – Avery Thomas (freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly) and Julia Wrenn (freestyle, backstroke and butterfly).

Planter’s Walk 300, Black Horse Run 213

Medley Relay

•  First: Ben Rashleigh, Keegan Sonye, Evan Peters and Liam Givens-Keatley; Trent Dameron, Charlie Woodlief, Marcus Aguirre and Cameron Mays; Phillip Moghaddam, Dylan Bobbitt, Brandon Bobbitt and Robert McCue; Kelsey Moore, Kristin Olson, Rachel Shaw and Megan Woodlief.


•  First: Regan Eatman, Takoda Valles, Dax Hardy, Marie Rashleigh, Liam Givens-Keatley, Kelly McCue, Brenna Hardy, Robert McCue and Kelsey Moore.

•  Second: Campbell McNeil, Luke Peters, Ben Rashleigh, Cameron Mays, Leah Yuhas, Dylan Bobbitt and Kristin Olson.

•  Third: Teagan McNeil, Ethan Robinson, Libby Gill and Rachel Shaw.


•  First: Connor Mills, Reagan Eatman, Teagan McNeil, Luke Peters, Liam Given-Keatley, Kelly McCue, Leah Yuhas, Robert McCue and Rachel Shaw.

•  Second: Isabella Glines, Liam Brogan, Libby Gill, Evan Peters and Cameron Mays.

•  Third: Matthew Slade, Jackson Beam, Vanessa Cabral, Christina Benvenuto, Dylan Bobbitt and Hannah Moore.


•  First: Isabella Glines, Jackson Beam, Marie Rashleigh, Ben Rashleigh, Dylan Bobbitt and Kelsey Moore.

•  Second: Ethan Robinson, Evan Peters, Laney Anderson, Christina Benvenuto, Brandon Bobbitt and Hannah Moore.

•  Third: Campbell McNeil, Calypso Glines, Dax hardy, Trent Dameron and Brenna Hardy.


•  First: Teagan McNeil, Dax Hardy, Marie Rashleigh, Liam Given-Keatley, Kelly McCue, Cameron Mays, Brenna Hardy, Robert McCue and Kelsey Moore.

•  Second: Luke Peters, Ben Rashleigh, Laney Anderson, Leah Yuhas, Will Snow and Rachel Shaw.

•  Third: Jackson Beam, Charlie Woodlief and Kristin Olson.

Freestyle Relay

•  First: Dax hardy, Jackson Beam, Luke Peters and Ethan Robinson; Ben Rashleigh, Keegan Sonye, Evan Peters and Liam Givens-Keatley; Brenna Hardy, Christina Benvenuto, Vanessa Cabral and Leah Yuhas; Rachel Shaw, Amber Ayscue, Kelsey Moore and Kristin Olson; Brian Levine, Dylan Bobbitt, Brandon Bobbitt and Robert McCue.

Wendell 244, at Raleigh Racquet 157

Medley Relay

•  First: Howie Bair, Parker Brown, John Riddle and Colin Rourke; Hannah Huffman, Emma Buus, Victoria Segura and Rachel Brown; Olivia Huffman, Julia Waynik, Caroline Duttman and Deana Ayscue.


•  First: Deqlan Mitchell, John Riddle, Caroline Duttman and Keslee Snuggs.

•  Second: Will Acree, Ben Sherman, Bailey Hicks, Hunter Best, Olivia Huffman and A.J. Swaim.

•  Third: Anna Grace Maynor, Taylor Stocks, Colin Rourke and Julia Waynik.


•  First: Mason Hetzell, John Riddle, Emma Buus, Deana Ayscue, James Riddle and Nicki Riddle.

•  Second: Jeb Lemmond, Parker Perry, Ben Sherman, Parker Brown, Chip Raynor, Olivia Huffman and Keslee Snuggs.

•  Third: Carson Hetzell, Taylor Stocks, Howie Bair, Hannah Huffman, Julia Waynik and A.J. Swaim.


•  First: Mason Hetzell, Bailey Hicks, Hannah Huffman, Hunter Best, Deana Ayscue and Nicki Riddle.

•  Second: Addie Lemmond, Deqlan Mitchell, Gracie Rhodes, Parker Brown, Chip Raynor, Julia Waynik, James Riddle and Keslee Snuggs.

•  Third: Howie Bair, Emma Buus, Caroline Duttman and A.J. Swaim.


•  First: Taylor Stocks, John Riddle, Victoria Segura, Chip Raynor, Caroline Duttman, James Riddle and Nicki Riddle.

•  Second: Ben Sherman, Bailey Hicks, Parker Brown, Rachel Brown, Morgan Sherman and Olivia Huffman.

•  Third: Emma Buus and Deana Ayscue.

Freestyle Relay

•  First: Parker Brown, Howie Bair, Colin Rourke and John Riddle; Victoria Segura, Rachel Brown, Emma Buus and Hannah Huffman; Julia Waynik, Deana Ayscue, Olivia Huffman and Caroline Duttman.

Carlyle & Chatsworth 330.5, Zebulon 125.5

Medley Relay

•  First: Tanner Collins, Greyson Hirsch, Benny Allmon, and Ryan Halterman.


•  First: Avery Thomas and Julia Wrenn.

•  Second: Benny Allmon, Isabella Leahy, Whitley Creech, Devin Worley and Caroline Jones.

•  Third: Ryan Halterman, Miranda Halterman, Joey Mendez, Josh Temple, Ashley Kerr, Wade Creech, Ian Kerr and Suzanna Lee.


•  First: Julia Wrenn.

•  Second: Carson Creech, Benny Allmon, Miranda Halterman, Whitley Creech and Suzanna Lee.

•  Third: Ryan Halterman, Brock Alford, Joey Mendez, Isabella Leahy, Josh Temple, Devin Worley and Ian Kerr.


•  First: Avery Thomas and Josh Temple.

•  Second: Brock Alford, Miranda Halterman, Ashley Kerr and Caroline Jones.

•  Third: Greyson Hirsch, Kalin Creech, Joel Keefer and Suzanna Lee.


•  First: Benny Allmon, Avery Thomas, Isabella Leahy, Ashley Kerr and Julia Wrenn.

•  Second: Whitley Creech and Ian Kerr.

•  Third: Joey Mendez, Jay Mendez, Devin Worley and Caroline Jones.

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