Editorial: A good choice for summer camp

June 15, 2013 

Since 2010, parents in the Wendell area have had a no-cost option when it comes to summer camp opportunities.

Thanks to a grant from the Wake County Board of Alcohol Control, the police department has operated Camp Choices, a weeklong camp designed to get young people to spend some time outdoors and some time thinking about the decisions they make.

Every child in our region will, at some point, be faced with the decision of whether to smoke their first cigarette, drink that first beer, drive that car too fast or take a toke off that first joint.

The early age at which adults must now start warning children to avoid such dangerous behaviors is frighteningly young.

To be sure, if the camp is successful, police will have less work to do in the future, so we understand there is some benefit to be had by the police in offering a camp like this.

But the overriding consideration here is that police are working outside there normal function to provide a service to residents.

The children have fun during the week and the police officers who work the camp – pretty much the entire force at one point during the week or another – have fun working with and getting to know the children.

Camp Choices is open to children ages 9-12. This year’s camp is set for July 22-26. And, best of all, it’s free.

To register your child, call the Wendell police department at 919-365-4444. You’ll be glad you did.

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