Letter: County needs better transit system

June 7, 2013 

Allow dialogue to go forward

In reading the recent article “Wendell mayor opposes expanded transit” regarding Wendell Mayor Tim Hinnant’s opposition to the current Wake County transit plan, I became extremely concerned with the direction proposed.

While there are certainly ample and valid concerns about many of the specific details of the plan, I feel that an open dialogue is necessary before dissent is rendered which may damage the effort as a whole. Wake County as a whole needs to strongly consider the impact that the area’s rapidly growing population (eight of the fastest growing towns in North Carolina are in Wake County) will have on congestion and accessibility for its citizens. Improvements to the county’s infrastructure through the utilization of transit are necessary.

The county’s plan, developed in 2010, is already reaching a point of obsolescence so further delay in discussion only hinders citizens’ ability to examine transit possibilities. I urge the mayors of Wake County and the Wake County commissioners to allow for this dialogue to go forward. Mayor Hinnant’s contention that there is nothing in it for Wendell is grossly inaccurate; improved transit capabilities will have benefit for all of the citizens of Wake County.

Toshiba Rice


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