Editorial: Hinnant singing solo

May 24, 2013 

Wendell Mayor Tim Hinnant is swimming against the tide among eastern Wake County mayors.

Hinnant was the lone eastern Wake County mayor – and in the distinct minority among all Wake County mayors – when he vetoed a proposal to ask county commissioners to put a referendum before voters to gain their support for expanded mass transit.

Hinnant was missing in action when other area mayors appeared before the media to voice their displeasure over a proposed law that would reduce municipal authority over housing regulations.

And, he’s not made himself very available to the public in the town he serves, something his eastern Wake counterparts seem to do with regularity.

Hinnant’s vote against the mass transit endorsement makes some sense. There’s very little in that plan to make Wendell voters want to support it. But Hinnant has been persona non grata when asked to explain why he voted against the resolution put forth by other mayors. In fact, he’s made himself pretty darn scarce everywhere, with the exception of twice-monthly town board meetings.

That’s not the kind of approach Wendell needs its mayor to take.

The town needs a leader who’s willing to be out front and accessible, answerable to all the people he serves.

Hinnant runs an efficient meeting, but as far as we can tell, that’s about all he does.

It’s time he comes out of the shadows. Nothing good happens there.

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