College signing: Roger Royster

May 21, 2013 

Knightdale basketball player Roger Royster signed a letter of intent on May 13 to play for Lenoir Community College.


Lenoir Community College Basketball

High School: Knightdale

Parents: Candy Moore and Roger Royster Sr.

Position: Point guard

Most memorable: Roger’s most memorable moment at Knightdale was making the varsity basketball team his senior year, having never played on the team in the three prior years.

“I finally made it on the team and that’s what I wanted, so I worked hard at it and finally got some playing time,” he said. “It meant a lot. Sitting here three years just watching and then actually playing is a big difference. Anything’s possible.”

Royster said the feeling was unreal when he learned he would have the opportunity to play in college.

“I’m really blessed to have this good opportunity,” he said.

Notable: Royster proved his defensive worth to Knightdale coach Battle Watkins during tryouts, but over the season his effort and energy on the other side of the court also impressed Watkins. On defense, Royster was a scrappy, on-the-ball player who was effective putting a damper on hot shooters on opposing teams. On offense, he was able to come in and hit key 3-point shots over short periods of time to give the Knights a spark.

Knightdale coach Battle Watkins: “Someone who is a defensive spark doesn’t always have the ability to score. In the limited minutes Roger got, which went up as the season went on, he was able to use those minutes constructively and really contributed to a number of our wins. I’m excited for him because a year ago he wasn’t even part of the program, and here he is having the opportunity to play college basketball.”

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