Editorial: Towing policy seems petty

May 11, 2013 

Knightdale council members have limited the number of businesses that can retrieve wrecked or broken down cars from the town’s streets and roadways. Some nameless residents (council members decline to say who) have complained about having to go too far to retrieve their wrecked or broken down vehicles.

What council members should have told those complainers is that, when the driver of a vehicle is capable, he or she can request any towing service they choose. In most cases – and certainly in all cases in which a car breaks down – the drivers have control over who moves their car and where they move it too.

Beyond that, however, we think the matter is much ado about nothing, particularly for a council that has a lot more weighty business to devote its time to.

The town of Knightdale seems to be emerging from its post-recession cocoon. A new park in Old Towne will soon draw residents to that part of the community and paying for it remains a paramount issue for residents and council members.

And, as the town continues to recover from the recession, and growth begins again, council members need to be taking a long-term view of how the town will grow.

While we appreciate that council members want to be responsive, it seems there are some issues that, frankly, don’t really merit their time.

As of this writing, town staff is now trying to decide this question: If a five-mile limit is placed on the location of a wrecker service to be called for help, should that be five miles as the crow flies? Or five miles along local streets.

We wonder if that’s the kind of question town staffers need to devote their attention to. They would not be, if council members spent all their time focused on issues that impact the community at large.

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