Letter: Regulations, taxes and zoning erode prosperity

April 20, 2013 

Americans must defeat tyranny

I ride through the rural areas of the country that used to be humming with activity, a ground to plant, a ground to prepare, a crop to harvest. There is nothing. I ride through my town – that used to be a place of manufacturing, sewing, service work, countless opportunities of self-employment – gone. I see the purge of Washington is working. The regulations, taxes and zoning are slowly eroding what was prosperity. You are counting on the ones who “give you freedom” who reside in Washington to deliver and deliver they will – to bondage.

You have the opportunity and the means to defeat tyranny. But will you be able to identify tyranny? If your neighbor is suffering because the government takes away their fruits will you stand in line to share in the spoils or will you have the clarity to know this could be you next? President Barack Obama is mustering the forces of covetousness. This is against freedom, this is against personal wealth, this is against self-sufficiency and this is ultimately against God given rights.

Kent Henderson


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