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    A road by any other name

    So Durham's planners and county commissioners have created clarity by putting five street names where there used to be one. It actually makes a kind of sense (see story on this page), even if a couple of the newly named dead-end after 100 yards or so.

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    Notes from the campaign trail

    Almost a month still to go before the primary, and already much of the suspense is gone from Durham's election season.

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    Tree cuts a perennial issue

    We've heard and read of a considerable distress lately about tree-trimming of the overzealous kind -- to wit, the way our local electric utility clears the way for its overhead power lines.

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    Waiting for this a long time

    When the first train reached our new passenger station at 7:20 a.m. Wednesday, it defied a Durham tradition.

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    Why we love Durham

    The other day, your correspondent was honored to be a guest on WUNC's "State of Things" program. The topic of conversation was Durham's presence on a magazine's Top 10 Places to Live list.

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    Old foes square off yet again

    The school board and the county commissioners had a regular set-to the other day. Over money, naturally, and, naturally, the commissioners won.